Erick Meza

I am interested in working in the social aspect of Permaculture by exploring current food systems and understanding the impact that locally grown foods have on food security for future generations.

My area of focus is the borderlands on both sides of the US-Mexico border; supporting local organizations, facilitating trainings for site  and social design, and using water harvesting techniques to support food production.

My first community project was in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  The experiential education center was based on Permaculture principles, offering international travelers the experience of growing food in the tropics and learning about community building.

After that, my family and I moved to Jalisco, Mexico. There, we created a second experiential education program, this time focusing on natural building and animal husbandry.

I currently live in Tucson, Arizona with my family at our urban Permaculture site.

Besides teaching with the Sonoran Permaculture Guild, my current employment is as the education coordinator at Las Milpitas Community Farm, a project of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. I also do private consultation on Permaculture projects in the borderlands of Arizona and Sonoran, Mexico.

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