SPG Teaching Team Offers Design Course on the Dineh (Navaho) Nation

The SPG Teaching Team was invited by two native families living near Black Mesa on the Dineh (Navaho) Nation in NE Arizona to come and offer the Permaculture Design course. We were honored by the invitation, and we knew we would learn more from these native families than they would from us. As it turned out we all were able to blend our knowledge together and develop a […]
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SPG Teaching Team gives Permaculture Design course in El Paso

The Sonoran Permaculture Guild’s Teaching team travelled by Amtrak train to El Paso, Texas in August to give the first 72 hour Permaculture Design certification course ever held in this city of 700,000 people. Seventeen enthusiasic participants graduated, ready to spread Permaculture in far West Texas. The class was held in a historic warehouse in the old garment district, now converted into offices, […]
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Workshop Pictures

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Welcome to Sonoran Permaculture Guild

We teach  integrated workshops and classes on sustainable landscape design, as well as on topics ranging from bee-keeping to water harvesting to growing food at home. We offer the Permaculture Design certification course each Spring in February and March, as well as in another city in the Fall.  We also provide consultation and teachers to neighborhoods, schools, governments, non-profits, and individuals to help them complete their grant or other sustainable educational experience.  We ally with other organizations that plan and create a sustainable  future. NEST, Inc./ Sonoran Permaculture Guild has been working in the  Southwest sustainable communities movement for over 20 years. Our office and ramada classroom is located one and a half miles north of downtown Tucson, AZ.

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Click here to see the details on our Annual Spring Permaculture Design certification course in Tucson. Click here to see the details for the Phoenix Fall Permaculture Design course. Click here to see our current one day classes and workshops for Spring 2015.

 See Dan expain how the Sonoran Permaculture Guild works with home owners, renters, and organizations on sustainable design:

 We  have ready to go workshops, classes, and courses to meet your sustainability needs. If  you are a non-profit, school, neighborhood group, individual, government, or othere organization, we can help you complete your project, grant, or educational experience with consultation, custom workshops, and classes. Contact us at 

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a contraction of the words permanent and agriculture and permanent and culture. Permaculture is a way to live  Debra presenting 2013 websizeJen Presenting websizesustainably in a region for many generations, taking care of people and taking care of the environment at the same time. Permaculture uses ecology as the basis for designing sustainability into food production, housing, appropriate technology, and community development. It is now a worldwide movement for sustainability with many thousands of projects completed in over 120 countries. As Permaculture designers we study the patterns found in nature and the lessons found in natural ecosystems. We mimick these patterns in designing sustainable home sites, farms, and neighborhoods, as well as less tangible structures like community economics and food distribution systems. Join us on this sustainable journey.