Leona Davis

I moved to Tucson from the urban forests of North Carolina at age 19, and fell deeply in love with the people, plants, and land of the Sonoran Desert. As a student of Natural Resources at the University of Arizona, I became convinced that harvesting rainwater was the vital first step towards sustainable communities. This conviction has guided my life’s path, first as a professional designer and installer of rainwater and greywater harvesting systems, and then as a teacher of water harvesting and other equitable, environmental, and helpful practices to the wider population. I currently work with the Community Food Resource Center of the Community Food Bank, teach with the Sonoran Permaculture Guild, and offer permaculture-based consultations, workshops, and talks throughout the Tucson community. Following four years of apprenticeship, I became a SPG teaching team member in 2012. I live with my family in central Tucson at an ever-evolving (never “completed”) permaculture site, and like to spend my time gardening, cooking, listening to music, playing outside, caring for people, caring for the earth, and returning the surplus. I can be reached at leonafdavis@gmail.com